Where we work?



Manzanillo, Colima.

To decrease the shark fishing presure. 



Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

To educate through tourism and generate scientific data.


Mexico City.

An APP to identify sharks sighted at Los Cabos. 


Colima, Colima.

Help us to reduce the consumption of dogfish in Mexico.


Mexico City.

Workshops to raise awarness about oceans value.




Citizen Science & Marine Megafauna

We use Citizen Science to link the general public to the preservation of marine megafuana. Through diving trips and expeditions, we train the participants through presentations and seminars, for the basic monitoring of large marine species such as sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, etc.

Education & Scientific Tourism

We want to raise awareness through workshops and talks about the impact humans generate on our seas through workshops and talks. We want people to know that by taking care and saving the sea, we are saving also ourselves. Through Scientific Tourism we educate participants about the need to protect sharks and marine fauna and encourage sustainable marine ecotourism as an alternative to current beach tourism.

Shark Research and Ecology

We carry out scientific publications and studies to generate useful information for the preservation of sharks in Mexican waters. Our research focuses on the ecology and population dynamics of pelagic sharks in the Mexican Pacific. Through our Shark Monitoring Programs, we actively involve citizens (tourists, tour guides, fishermen, etc.) in the collection of data for the long-term monitoring of the pelagic shark population in Baja California Sur.

Public Policies

Through the results of our scientific studies and the alliance with other research institutions and NGO's, we seek to generate a change and achieve that, legally and governmentally, our oceans are protected. and we manage to strengthen the protection of the sharks in Mexico.